10 anti-hangover remedies that do not fail 

For that follows a party, it's important to be informed and know what solutions you have in case of excesses of all kinds. For a hangover the book can ruin your most important moments with family and friends, here's what you quick and efficient solutions on hand. 
10 anti-hangover remedies that do not fail 

1 honey and lemon 
You probably used to using these two foods to cure sore throat or hoarseness, knowing that they are extremely good for hangovers. Heat a pot with hot water and add them both because they will give your body a helping hand, which has to be to process alcohol. 

2 Bananas 
When you drink, you need to go to the toilet is getting bigger, which means that your body is dehydrated and enormous. Bananas contain potassium, a compound that repels hangover nausea and fatigue characteristics. 

3 lemon juice 
Sodas that contain lemon yellow and green may be the key to curing a hangover, as helping the body to process alcohol, according to a study by Chinese researchers, 
Soft drinks containing lemon were among the ones that rush the ALDH, such as alcohol is metabolized quickly and hangover period decreases. http://www.foodstory.ro/trenduri-stiri/o-noua-solutie-pentru-tratarea-mahmurelii-sucurile-carbogazoase-care-contin-lamaie 

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4 A hearty breakfast 
There is scientific evidence showing that a slice of bacon and an omelet can do wonders for the hangover, although some prefer a menu "fat" to remove the alcohol. However, nutritionists say it is enough to have a hearty breakfast of easily digestible foods such as whole grains, to get rid of heartburn. 

5 Water in abundance 
Dehydration is guilty for feeling sick you feel the hangover. Replace lost fluids with water and natural juices. 

6 Michelada 
Michelada is a Mexican cocktail made ​​from beer mixed with tomato juice, lemon, various sauces and condiments. He served in a glass previously cooled with salt sprinkled on the edges and can be retrieved in a lot of variations throughout Latin America, with small changes at the preparation according to the country where you are. More about this drink, you can read here. 

7 Ginger 
Ginger is used recently to combat nausea and seasickness, so it can be adapted perfectly to combat hangovers. Prepare some tea from the root of this plant and hot water, then add the juice of one orange and the juice from half a lemon over them. Last but not least, put a teaspoon of honey to sweeten the drink. 

8 Pickles 
You can open a jar of pickles and before going to bed. In Bulgaria it is said that a cup of yogurt from sheep's milk will get rid of stomach pain. The Irish, however, one of the strangest remedies. Tradition says that a person suffering from hangovers be buried up to his neck in wet sand, if you want to wake up after drinking. 

9 Bloody Mary 
An emergency remedy may still be a breath of strength. The saying "nail nail" applies to remove hangover. If you have to urgently present work and you should not drive the car you can start your morning with a Bloody Mary. The explanation? The body will be concerned to fight the new amount of alcohol and could get away for a moment from unsightly symptoms, while tomato juice will bring some good vitamins in the body. 

10 Tripe 
If you only think of the soup causes an unpleasant condition, know that in Turkey and in Mexico it is considered an excellent remedy against hangovers.