Pricing procedure

Pricing procedure

How pricing varies from one enterprise to another. Some companies are simply following the market price, so take into account only the influence of competition on pricing strategy choice, while other companies determine the cost of that product and according to it determine the price. Another factor that is taken into account in the pricing of a product is registered demand for the product. If two identical products, the consumer will choose the cheapest. The price imposed by the company is higher, the lower the chances that the product to be chosen by many consumers.
When determining the price level enterprise may be guided by cost, by request and after the competition:
"Targeting is the most basic cost calculation method assumes that price and the price to cover all costs and allow a profit;
'Targeting competition - competition plays an important role in determining the price and risk involved and dosage. If the company decides to raise the price of a product and the competition does not follow this trend, the product can be removed so outside market. On other hand, if you opt for a discount price and the competition is decided for a greater reduction in their products, you can get a true price war brings no profit to any party;
"Orientation after application - is less used, usually intervening when demand surpasses supply then the price is higher than that calculated according to the cost. Course, when the supply is greater than demand, the price will be reduced accordingly.
May be used in other methods of pricing:
"Income method - involves establishing a certain level of investment efficiency will be ensured by price;
"Perceived value method - based on the idea: a higher price for quality is adopted by manufacturers who see the perception of value by buyers based pricing.'s Used by businesses looking to create a certain image of their product will attract buyers willing to spend large sums of money to buy them;
"Value method - practiced by manufacturers that use a low price for a high quality offer.

John Pucheck, 1999

John Pucheck, 1999
This is a small piece from a friend who passed away. I wish he was still around making art.
President Traian Basescu accused the government wants to increase taxes to cover the hole that would leave it in the budget, the promised reduction in CAS's.

Ministry of Finance withdrew at the request of Prime Minister Ponta projects Fiscal Code and Fiscal Procedure Code, for them to be considered in the Government prior to the commencement of the public debate.

Local taxes will still be indexed every three years for inflation, but not by the Government, as now, but directly by the mayor, and will be increased each year by 50% compared to the level compared to the maximum 20% allowed by the current rules.

Finances shows that, currently, one of the priorities of the Government is to limit tax evasion, including through changes to the Tax Code and Fiscal Procedure Code, but the manner in which these intentions will materialize after discussions with experts and civil society will be decided by the Government and will be subject to public consultation before approval by Parliament.

Proposals will be undertaken by the Government will be debated and taken together with the budget for next year by the Parliament, the Ministry reads.

According to the new draft Tax Code, individuals who own buildings with a destination other than the house will pay a tax representing up to 2% of the taxpayer and the tax on cars will be increased significantly, twice and a half in the case of cars with engines up to 1,600 cc.

The document states that individuals who are currently taxed at 0.1% of the taxable value of the building will be required to pay a tax for non-residential buildings ranging between 0.25 and 1.5% of the value calculated by an authorized or 2% of taxable value, if there is an evaluation report.

Thus, individuals will be taxed like companies that own such buildings.

Changes are indicated and the urban land tax where the payment amount increases with rank and the town, leading to increases of 10,353 lei / ha to 83,000 lei / hectare.

For car owners, the tax will increase from £ 8 to £ 20 per 200 cc engines in passenger cars up to 1600 cm3 and 18 RON including 30 lei/200 cc for cars with an engine capacity of between 1,601 cc and 2,000 cc incl.

For cars with an engine capacity between 2,001 cc and 2,600 cc including, but tax will drop from 72 USD to 60 lei/200 cc, continuing decline and cars with engines larger.

Tax increases will be made for freight cars, motorcycles, boats, water scooters.

e offered me a print and I said I'll take two.

A wedding present from Mike, this is a photograph of the neighborhood I grew up in Kansas City.


20x200 print


This might be one of the first in my art collection, I bought this print from Shepard Fairey in 1996 for $10. 

I bought these two prints from Little Paper Planes